ALL WARDENS for Fire Safety Organizations

Gain insights into your clients' safety preparation and practices to help them provide a safer workplace.

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Benefits of the ALL WARDENS Safety Partner Program

Safety Partners are those who deliver Fire and Safety related training, consulting and certification services to their clients. As a registered partner, your clients can grant you access to their ALL WARDENS account which gives you visibility of many aspects of their preparation for and management of emergency events, such as:

• Warden Role coverage: the range of Warden Roles the client has deployed to manage their locations.
• Warden numbers: the number of Wardens in each Warden Role the client has deployed to manage their locations.
• Training requirements: know by location which of your Training Courses are required to train new Wardens and re-certify those Wardens with expiring certifications.
• Warden Role certification requirements: assist your clients to specify the necessary training to attain certification in each Warden Role.
• Emergency Event analysis: review detailed reports of your clients' Emergency Events to identify safety risks and evacuation inefficiencies, review management of PEEP's, and more.

"ALL WARDENS empowers Safety Partners to engage more proactively with OUR joint clients to ensure a safer workplace".

ALL WARDEN Modules for Safety Partners

As a Safety Partner, you assist your clients with achieving a safer workplace. ALL WARDENS provides you with a platform to more proactively engage with your clients and gain deeper insights into their safety preparation related to warden training, certification, assignments and coverage, providing for people with a disability or mobility impairment, and the rehearsal and documenting of emergency events and drills.

Client Profile
View all of your Clients and drill down to gain insights into their Warden coverage by location, training requirements and emergency event records.

Training Library
Your Training Library is loaded into your Client's library so they can specify the courses needed for Certification in a Warden Role. By reviewing your client's Warden Roles and responsibilities, you can assist them with the allocation of required courses.

Warden Coverage
Warden Coverage shows the variety of Warden Roles, the number of assigned Wardens and Warden-to-Occupant coverage ratios for you to provide guidance on best practices and to achieve compliance.

Training Requirements
Understand your client's training requirements for new Wardens and those whose certifications are expiring. Proactively work with your client to ensure they have adequate Warden numbers to fulfil their coverage needs. Schedule the delivery of training BEFORE a shortage of certified Wardens becomes a safety issue.

Emergency Event Reports
Review a detailed analysis of your client's emergency events to assist with the identification of safety and execution issues, Warden coverage, evacuation times and more.

Proactively manage your client's safety consistently across all their cities, sites and buildings.

ALL WARDENS Certified Partner Program


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By registering as an ALL WARDENS Safety Partner, your clients can grant you access to their ALL WARDENS platform, enabling you to deliver a more personalised and proactive service. Depending on your business, you may register as a Safety Training Partner (a business delivering safety training) and/or a Safety Certification Partner (a business providing compliance of emergency management procedures).

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Safety Training and Certification Consultancies

  • • View your client's warden coverage, certification progress and training needs.
  • • Make your training library accessible to your clients to specify warden role certification requirements.
  • • View your client's Emergency Event reports to aid with compliance.
  • • Assist your clients to maintain warden coverage ratios to meet compliance.