5 Reasons Mobile Phone Messaging Apps Aren’t Suitable for Managing Emergencies

James McCarthy
Evacuation management app
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01. If a Warden’s phone goes flat during the emergency, it’s near impossible for them to re-join the messaging app from another device, as it’s locked to a mobile number.

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02. Communicating with evacuees/occupants is either not possible or ensuring evacuee messages are read and actioned by Wardens isn’t supported.

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03. Group communications and 1-on-1 threads aren’t supported with no easy way to communicate with warden groups based on warden role, building or specific floors.

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04. Maintaining the messaging app group list(s) of all rostered wardens is extremely time consuming.

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05. Wardens can’t use the messaging app. to update the status of their evacuation tasks or lockdown status, and the app can’t inform you of which wardens are actually on-site performing their role.

The solution? A purpose-built emergency event management app.

There is no doubt the idea of using a messaging app appears at first glance a great idea for use during emergency events, but in reality, they introduce complexity and fall short of improving safety.
By contrast, Fire EMT can implement the leading purpose-built Emergency Event Management app. to improve communication and coordination of your warden team, alleviating all of the above issues, and offering:

  • Advanced communications.

  • Real-time updates of floor and building evacuation status.

  • Update PEEP’s safety status.

  • Provide wardens access to PEEP action plans.

  • Communicate with warden groups: by Warden Role, Building, Floor, On Duty status.

  • Occupant SMS broadcasting for en masse safety communications and lock-downs updates.

  • Occupant SMS broadcasting for en masse safety communications and lock downs updates.

  • Occupant DANGER / HELP request handling.

  • Track the safety status of all occupants & staff.

  • … and more.