Simpler Fire Safety Compliance,
Safer Emergency Management.

ALL WARDENS provides the simplest and most comprehensive software for workplace emergency preparedness, management and fire safety compliance.

All Wardens Modules

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Designed to support compliance with:

Australia A/NZ
AS3745-2010 - Planning for Emergencies in Facilities.
AS1851-2012 - Routine service of fire protection systems and equipment.

NFPA 1 - Fire Code.
NFPA 101 - Life Safety Code
NFPA 1082 - Standard for Facilities Fire and Life Safety Director Professional Qualifications.
NFPA 1561 - Standard on Emergency Services Incident Management System and Command Safety.
OSHA 1910 (30) Training requirements, (38) Emergency Action Plans, (39) Fire prevention plans, (151) Medical services and first aid, (155) Fire protection.
OSHA 1960 (54) Training of top management officials, (55) Training of supervisors, (56) Training of safety and health specialists.

Implement Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans for people with a disability or mobility impairment.

Consistent safety management for all your locations, globally.

Do you have buildings in multiple cities, states or countries? ALL WARDENS helps you manage fire safety compliance and procedures consistently across all your locations for your Wardens and Occupants.

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Track the safety of all your building occupants during emergency events in real-time. Staff, visitors, contractors, students... everyone.

The most comprehensive fire safety and compliance software solution for all members of the emergency management team.

Chief Warden, Incident Commander

Easily manage Warden assignments and training to ensure you have adequate coverage of every Warden type with appropriate certifications for your workplace.
Improve the management of emergency events via a mobile app. which tracks multiple aspects of the event and improves communication and coordination of Wardens in real-time.

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Emergency management app
Emergency planning

Head of Corporate Safety and the ECO, ESO & ICT

Provide a safer workplace for all occupants and implement Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan's (PEEP's) for those with a disability or mobility impairment.
Improve compliance by ensuring you have complete records of all emergency events and share your records with your Fire Safety Training and Certification Practitioners.

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Self service for your Warden team. Allows Wardens to enrol for Warden roles, manage their Warden assignments and track their training towards certification.
During emergency events, update and share the status of their evacuation tasks, track the safety of occupants and have immediate access to the Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans of people with a disability or mobility impairment.

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Evacuation management app
emergency preparedness

Safety Training and Certification Consultancies

Improve client service by proactively managing your client's emergency preparedness and certification by gaining insights into their warden assignments and coverage, training needs, and emergency event records.

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Easily manage fire safety and compliance consistently across all your cities, sites and buildings.

All Wardens Pricing

Pricing is per Warden per month, billed monthly.

Warden Administration

$1 per Warden (Free of charge for up to 80 Wardens and 1 Site)
  • Unlimited Sites, Buildings and Floors
  • Warden Administration - assignment and certification management
  • Training Management - scheduling and registrations
  • Records & Document Management
  • PEEP Management
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Warden Administration

$2 per Warden
Warden Administration
  • Unlimited Sites, Buildings and Floors
  • Create and track all activities needed for compliance
  • Schedule due dates and assign responsibility to owners
  • Attach electronic records as proof of completion and to simplify audit compliance
  • Track those Compliance items of relevance to your business via your dashboard
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Warden Administration

$3 per Warden
Warden Administration Warden Administration
  • Unlimited Sites, Buildings and Floors
  • Floor Evacuation Management
  • Real-time Occupant Safety Tracking & Management
  • Real-time PEEP Safety Tracking & Management
  • Real-time Floor and Building Evacuation Status
  • View Wardens On-Duty
  • Warden communications -via SMS and in-app messaging
  • 2-Way Occupant communications via SMS
  • Occupant SMS "help request" handling
  • Automatic detailed Emergency Event Report generation for compliance and safety review.
  • SMS charges billed on usage
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